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Selling Solutions delivers superb strategic partnerships with New Zealand’s premium grocery and hardware brands.

Our vision

Selling Solutions’ vision is to redefine the agency experience through exceptional people, entrusted partners, excellent solutions every day.



1. Strategic planning and alignment

Regardless of the services you choose, it starts with building and aligning on your strategic plan and the tools and strategies needed to deliver.

Our experienced team work alongside you to build a plan that will succeed.

Country-wide execution

2. Country-wide execution

Our network of experts right across New Zealand means your brand strategy can be rolled out across the country and your products achieve excellent exposure, no matter where you’re based.

3. Reporting, analysis and insights


We use the in-field sales app Opmetrix to deliver real-time commentary and photos. This means we can capture any trends, potential issues or sales opportunities, and feed these invaluable insights back to you quickly. Unrivalled visibility and insights that matter.

Sale performance tools

Our customizable sales performance tools allow us to drill down into the details, providing insights by retailer, banner, store, pack group, SKU or any other breakdown you may require. Tools that track performance vs target, last year or by a specific time period.

Our objective trackers capture performance against our execution plans with commentary by store on progress, wins and challenges.

Ready to talk?

Ready to talk?

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