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Sales and Merchandising Specialist

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Selling Solutions in New Zealand has a lot to offer to help premium brands. See our detailed list of total business management services below!

Sales and Merchandising

  • Presentation and sales of product to the retailer
  • Merchandising of product in store
  • Building of product displays
  • Implementation of planogram plans into the store

  • Calling procedure to maximise product performance
  • Order processing to principals
  • Providing feedback to clients
  • Daily Opmetrix reporting including photos

Business Management

  • Customer head office communication and presentations
  • Category management support
  • Top-to-top monthly sales performance reporting including sales, trends, and any information related to the product sales
  • Implementation of agreed marketing initiatives in relation to products
  • Planning, preparation, presentation, and implementation of agreed sales promotional activities (trade deals, discounts, etc.), with significant customers after consultation with the principal
  • Overall business strategy development and execution to maximise growth and profit

Daily Reporting

View real-time updates from your field team. The tiles on the Opmetrix dashboard give instant visibility of what happens in the following fields:

  • The number of store visits completed in a day
  • Which field team members are active
  • A live stream of photos taken in the field
  • Sales indicators for orders, invoices, and credits
  • Call cycle compliance indicator