Selling Solutions

Sales and Merchandising Specialist

Who We Are

Selling Solutions is a professional sales agency that provides total business management services for premium brands. We help businesses all over New Zealand enter the supermarket industry.

Our Company History

Established as Cassin FMCG Consultants Ltd in 2005, our activity was predominantly business strategy consulting for the FMCG industry. In November 2011, we changed our trading name to Selling Solutions Ltd after seeing an opportunity in brokering service for premium brands.

Seeing a gap in the market for small to medium-sized companies, we were established to provide a professional, experienced, and strategically focused head office relationship management team. Our team of professional sales and merchandising experts are trained using effective tools and processes in corporate businesses to achieve desirable results.

We also offer a business mentoring service to drive growth and profit for the principles.

While there are other similar type companies that offer a business mentoring support or, alternatively, a sales and merchandising service, it was not often combined, and this was an important issue for many businesses who could not afford an experienced FMCG professional to work full-time.

Our current clients have come on board based on the following rationale:

  • Our expertise in the grocery industry has been attractive.
  • Our daily Opmetrix field reporting includes commentary and photos.
  • We provide excellent overall business mentoring support and strategy.
  • Our head and field office are strategically built for creating harmonious business relationships with our clients.

Management Team

Geoff Cassin -Owner
Sheree Cassin Thompson Finance Manger
Celeste O'Hara Business Manager
Kristen Hughes Merchandise Manager
Tania Goodall Key Account Executive
Phil Barker Business Manager
Scott Cameron Business Manager

About the Founder

Geoff Cassin

Geoff Cassin has FMCG knowledge and more than 31 years of extensive experience in the industry. Before the establishment of the company, he has already built successful careers and progressed to executive level within the New Zealand supermarket industry.

Geoff has been successful in the following roles:

  • National Business Manager in Unicharm, New Zealand
  • National Sales Manager in Kelloggs
  • National Merchandise Manager in Gull Petroleum
  • Field Sales Manager in NestlĂ©
  • Employer in Supermarket Groups Foodstuffs and PEL
  • Manager in Progressive Enterprises Ltd, Foodstuffs, and Wholesalers

We also provide a team of experienced National Business Managers (NBM) that will work closely with clients to ensure agreed strategies are implemented. Both Geoff and his team of NBM have developed excellent relationships within the industry and are well respected for operating with integrity and building commercially responsible partnerships.

What Makes Us Unique?

Because we genuinely want our clients to succeed, we base our companies’ financial model on growing clients’ revenue. As our clients grow, then so does Selling Solutions.

Our Mission and Vision

Our goal is to be the chosen professional agency of many businesses. At the same time, we envision a longer and more successful working relationship with all our clients since many of them have been with us for around three to six years.